Proficiencies: OrCAD, PADS, Altium, EAGLE, HyperLynx,POWER-PCB, PROTE,



We will design the necessary blueprints required to drive your project. From ultra-low power to KW systems, from low noise to switching circuits, from analog and digital to mixed circuitry we are ready to tackle any hardware hurtle. Each component in the circuit will be strategically chosen based on performance, quality, availability, and last but not least, budget.



Component placement is essential for the “flow” of the board and for system functionality, along with proper thermal management and to achieve low noise performance. We have designed PCB board layouts varying from 1 to 16 layers, 4 mils, buried vias, matching impedances and high speed digital. We have also designed boards that can feed in an excess of 32A or can sustain high voltages. We also have experience designing boards that optimize space within its enclosure, that work in extreme temperatures and that are mass produced.







Chances are we’ve used it before. And if not, we’d love to hear about it. We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of technology and it’s our duty to become as knowledgeable as possible.Specific sensors that we have used in the past include:


Ultrasonic (short and long distances)Video (both matrix and linear)RF & Wireless Communications (Short & Long Range)Temperature (thermistor, RTC, IC type)Motion sensor (PIR)Light sensorsAccelerometersForce and Torque sensors (load cells)PressureHumidity (Air and Soil)Nutrition sensors (TDS)pH sensorsHumidity (air and soil)Touch sensorsCO2Position (absolute and incremental)Gamma & Neutron sensorsCurrent sensorsHall sensorsCoulomb Counters



Intelligent children’s garment,Water purifier,Exhaust hood,Constant Temperature Wine Cabinet,Air purifier,Smart switch,Cloud analyzed electronic scale,Anti-snoring device,Soap Dispenser,Charging and discharging controller,Inductive trash can,Car DVR,Global Positioning System (GPS),Vehicle Tracker,Car Inverter,Wiper system,car coffee maker,Car massager,Car vacuum cleaner,Car Audio

Car Oxygen Bar,Car Bluetooth,Car Air Conditioning,GPS navigator,Car Power Supply,Car Charger,Reversing Radar,Car Refrigerator,Car Cup,Car Stereo。





 Our team of firmware engineers have experience with numerous embedded processors, including those from Silicon Labs, STMicroelectonics, Murata, TI, Microchip and ATMEL..Some of the coding languages that we excel at: CC++ C#.NET  Objective C Java/J2EE JSP XML/HTML  JavaScript  PHP  Python  Boost C++  SQL.

 Our team of engineers have experience with various protocols and algorithms, which make us confident in our ability to create functional solutions.

 We have hands-on experience with:

 Communication Protocols (UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, I2S, CAN, PCM, PCIe, TCP/IP)RF & Wireless Communication (802.15.4 MAC, ZigBee, Thread, Bluetooth, WiFi)Data processing and DSP AlgorithmsRF & Wireless Communications (Short & Long Range)Multi-Sensor ArraysUser Interfaces and Custom KeyboardsCustom Displays and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)Motor drivers and controllers

Throughout the years, our electrical engineering team has created many on-board solutions with embedded chipsets. Our team of firmware engineers have experience with numerous embedded processors, including those from Silicon Labs, STMicroelectonics, Murata, TI, Microchip and ATMEL. We use mostly C/C++ for a variety of platforms, as well as low and high level languages for bare-bone and embedded environments (Linux).




Form & Functionality.

We understand that the overall aesthetics of a product is just as important as its functionality or the components inside. Because of this, to complement our custom electronics experience, we also offer our industrial and mechanical design expertise.

Proficiencies: SolidWorks, Adobe Suite, MODO


We’ll create an abundance of sketches to breathe life into the idea you have in your imagination. It’s tricky to perfectly match what one has in mind, so we’ll continue to improve the look and feel of the design until you’re satisfied.

 3D Modeling.

Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, a digital visualization of the product is conceived. From here, textures, colours, form factor and the general aesthetics can be adjusted to further progress the product’s development.


 Through years of experience and research we have developed an eye for aesthetically pleasing products so we can provide recommendations in regards to optimizing the look, form-factor and functionality. We will work continuously with you to create the best possible product.




We also offer Prototype Assembly & Test,Support for Agency Testing (UL, CE, FCC, etc.),Manufacturing Transition,Project Management,Web & Mobile Apps Design;