HUA XING PCBA LIMITED has its own co-worker MOLD MAKING AND PLASTIC INJECT,RAPID PROTOTYPING,HARDWARE PRODUCTS PROCESSING factory is equiped with the latest precision machines and inspection instrument, has about 400 skillful employees. we have engaged in the manufactory for many years, have rich experience in making the complex structure plastic molds,such as hot runner molds、overmolds、rotational molds、unscrew molds、multi-cavity mold etc., we make MOLD MAKING AND PLASTIC INJECT,RAPID PROTOTYPING,HARDWARE PRODUCTS PROCESSING for the common industries of auto,household,medical, office and electronic…Certified by ISO9001-2008, we continually carry out activities of ISO and RoHS management system, which guarantee your satisfaction at our highest qualities and best services.


We believe on-time delivery and competitive price with good quality and excellent service will help you to win the market all the time.




Focuses on exceptional quality and precision.  We believe that high quality precision molds and parts are not the result of diligent quality assurance and inspection alone, but starts with a well organized and well managed manufacturing system. Therefore quality is controlled from the inception of the mold design throughout the entire sourcing and manufacturing procedure all the way to final delivery. 



Clear orders and effective communication helps reduce misinformation resulting in inaccuracies and loss in lead time.  All staff communicates quickly on the job in order to ensure a smooth flow of operation.  In special circumstances, arrangements of double shifts or overtime shifts are implemented in order to meet our customer’s emergency lead time 



We take pride that we can provide such a wide breadth of services which include design, mould making, injection moulding, surface decoration and parts assembly.  We can provide precision moulds with a weight of five tons or less and have the production capabilities of 50 moulds/month. We can also provide injection moulding of weights between 30-360tons.